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Our Trainers Favorite Ways To Exercise and Feel Their Best This Summer

We know you’re looking for every chance you can get to get out of the office, or house, or gym this summer, so we asked our trainers for their favorite ways to move their bodies outside, and for their top tips for feeling their best this summer. “My favorite summer workout is running the stairs[…]

Two of Our Favorite Summer Recipes From Our Trainers

We know you all are always on the hunt for new healthy snacks that will fuel all of your summer adventures and activities, AND for weekend beverages that don’t work against your fitness goals, so we asked a few of our trainers to share their favorite recipes you can make at home! 5-Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy[…]

From Opening The Pit To Opening The Gym: The HOTBOX Story

If 20 years of superhero movies has taught us anything, it is that we love a good origin story. This month, HOTBOX is celebrating our 12th birthday, and it’s got us feeling all kinds of nostalgic. Whether you’re one of the thousands who’s worked up a sweat with our badass trainers at HOTBOX, or you’re[…]

Thinking you should start a new diet in January?

Alright y’all, 2022…ready or not, here it comes! As a Registered Dietitian the New Year feels a lot like my Super Bowl. There’s SO much information hitting our inboxes and feeds when it comes to nutrition and wellness. “How many calories you should be eating” “Calculating the PERFECT macros” “SUPERFOODS to hijack your METABOLISM” “The[…]

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Better your Kickboxing Game with this Cue

Tutorial: Relaxxx There are so many different styles and levels to kickboxing, but the key to getting the most out of everything you do is to keep things simple—and stay relaxed. It’s one of the most common and effective cues I give and have been given.  Sometimes it’s tough to do given how hype the[…]